The legend of Bolzonella

In a manuscript from 1606, attributed to Andrea Cittadella, mention is made of Trojans Helicaon and Polydamas

– sons of Antenor (founder of Padua) and Theano (sister of Hecuba, wife of King Priam of Troy)

– they were said to have built the fortress of Bolzonella. Legend tells of its military origin, with towers, fortifications and archers.

According to Greek writers, Helicaon married Laodice while Polydamas married Licastra, both daughters of Priam. After fleeing with their father Antenor from burning Troy, they are said to have settled in Veneto, founding numerous villages.

[Source: Renzo BRUNORO and Gianni PIEROBON – San Giorgio in Bosco nella storia]