Bolzonella Park – A charming garden

The creation of Bolzonella Park was commissioned in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by Alessandro Cittadella Vigodarzere, because “… as the villa had a special, understandable affection, he wanted to extend it further, creating a charming garden with a lake and a wood filled with conifer trees, also growing in the meadow in front of the palace.”

Bolzonella Park belongs to the Jappelliana School, as does Villa Cittadella Vigodarzere Valamarana Park in Saonara and Villa Cittadella Vigodarzere Gallarati Scotti Park in Fontaniva. After the First World War, the Villa, park, church and outbuildings were declared national monuments.

The whole complex is located along the stretch of the San Giorgio highway in Bosco-Cittadella, enclosed by a long wall. On the west side, beyond the road, there are about 22 hectares of meadows, dotted with pine trees and some centuries-old oak trees. At the bottom, we find an ancient wood, governed under WWF landscaping restrictions.

The park surrounding the Villa is divided into two separate areas and, in terms of formal configuration, is set out in different ways.

The first garden, located in front of the north fa├žade of the house and also visible from the road, is decidedly Italian in style, divided into large grassy sections, intersected by avenues decorated with roses and lemon trees in pots.

The east side of the park, on the other hand, is Romantic in style, flanked by avenues of hornbeams, lindens, maples and English oaks, with uneven earth, a large body of water, small meadows and glades, a continuous wooded backdrop and groups of trees forming a forest. The entire garden is surrounded by a wide moat or fish pond. The dramatic appeal comes from the variations of the viewing cones.